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Call For Backup

For the last ten days or so, I’ve been extremely busy working 12-18 hour days every day. This happens to me once every four months. One of my clients has a HUGE meeting every four months and sends roughly 80 hours of audio from it. Luckily, I know when it’s coming, so I can prepare in advance.

The work started coming in Wednesday night. My awesome mother-in-law was on standby, so I called her and she made plans to be here Friday afternoon. Hubby took the baby to my parents’ house Thursday morning. I worked all day into the night and the baby stayed with my parents overnight until my mother-in-law could get here Friday. She stayed an entire week!

It was so awesome! She helped take care of the baby, cooked and did some projects around the house, making my workweek less crazy. I worked 12-18 hour days, but still got to play with my little one in between.

Don’t be afraid to call for backup when you need it. Not only are you managing your business, but you’re managing your family and whole life, and sometimes we need to delegate things on our to-do list that aren’t actually for work.

And if you don’t have family members around or anyone close who can help when you get inundated, then get creative. Is there a high school or college student you can pay to be a “mother’s helper” and take care of things while you’re working? Can your older kids help out more? What about your husband or partner?

How about making a deal with a neighbor or close-by friend whereby you pay for their groceries for a week, but they have to buy enough to include your family’s dinner as well?

Or if you know you’re going to be busy for a week, maybe you could spend a few hours the day before making meals to put in your freezer and take out during the week so you don’t have to cook.

If you find yourself having to do this often, then it’s time to delegate tasks for your business, raise your rates…or both!