Humble Beginnings: How I Started Working From Home

The following post tells my story of how I discovered how to make money online, and very soon after started a business. Knowing what I know now, I would have gone about things a different way and started making more money sooner.

Sometimes I can’t believe how little money I worked for years ago, but I have absolutely no regrets. It’s my story, my journey . . . And it’s what got me to where I am today. If I had given up at the very beginning thinking there was no way to make a good wage working from home, it’s likely I wouldn’t be making as much money as I am now. This year, I’m set to generate over ten times the amount I made working from home in 2009.

Most people don’t know this, but I dabbled in a few other things before I settled on transcription as my work-at-home money-making method. I started at an extremely low rate of pay doing various things. But I did TONS of research about working from home, figured out what I liked doing best, and eventually found that transcription fit me best and ran with it.

Here’s my story:

The very first thing I did was work with Amazon Mechanical Turk, which is a crowdsourcing platform where you do various tasks that may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete for a little bit of money.

This intrigued me, because I was desperately seeking to make more money in my spare time and I really liked how I could do it while watching TV and otherwise lounging around my apartment. I was probably making only $2 or $3 per hour, but it worked for me since I could do it from anywhere, at any time, whenever I wanted. I figured making $2 or $3 an hour sitting in front of my TV was better than $0 an hour doing the same thing.

It really only took a few weeks and I began looking for other avenues. I knew there had to be ways to make more than I was making. I found the Knowledge Generation Bureau in my search (KGB), which was a company that answered any question people would text to them. I received the questions and would do Internet searches to answer, and they would receive a text back. It still didn’t pay much, but the work was interesting.

I also found article submission sites and wrote articles where I would get paid a few pennies every time someone clicked on my article. There were three sites I did articles for. After I wrote them, I could see how much they earned every month. Some of my articles only made $0.01 a month, but others earned $60/month. But there came a time when the Google algorithms changed and I wasn’t able to generate much, and these sites eventually got bought by another company or the payments changed and I didn’t do it anymore.

I was also doing transcription at the same time I was doing all these other things. I had my hands in many pockets, but decided I liked transcription the best and went with that. It was only about three or four months into it that I decided to search for private clients and see how much I could actually make doing it. Within six months, the money I was bringing in from transcription was about equal to what I was making in my job, so I quit my job and put all my effort into my transcription business.

If you really want to make some money from home in your spare time as a stay-at-home, I suggest starting small, doing some research and going from there. There are a lot of things you can do from your living room that require no experience, but before you do anything, do some digging to find out what other people’s experience was in that field or with that company.

It’s extremely easy to start a home-based business with little to no money. That’s exactly how I started. Trust me, I was completely broke when I started. Around that time, I even pawned jewelry to pay rent. But step by step, little by little, more money will start to seep into your bank account every month . . . As long as you’re putting in time and effort. It can be very overwhelming, but eventually you learn how to make it work for you.

Every year I’m in business, my transcription company makes more money . . . And I didn’t do it by popping up a website, and then sitting and waiting for people to buy. I did the work and it paid off.

Five years ago, I didn’t know what Internet marketing was. I had never heard of Google Analytics and had no clue what a teleseminar or webinar was. If you asked me what a joint venture was, I would’ve shrugged my shoulders.  And if you don’t know what they are, it’s okay!

There’s a lot of money to be made from home, but it’s a process. Don’t let lack of knowledge hold you back. If you don’t know where to start, then let’s have a conversation.

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